Finding an assignment you want is fundamental to traveling. There are a number of approaches you can use. If you are already signed up with an agency, or several agencies, you can see if any of their current assignments tickle your fancy. For most travelers, having an agency recruiter help them locate an assignment will be best. Starting with an agency is certainly the easiest way and aided by the flexibility you have in your choice of assignments, location, and pay. Finding an Agency and recruiter that you want to work with is the first step. 

It is helpful for you to make a list as well as rank the attributes of an assignment are important to you. Location and pay are the two that usually pop to the top of everyone's list. On top of that is the type of facility, such as teaching or community hospital and reputation (if it will look good on a resume). Then a multitude of working details can become of relative importance. These can include shift, shift length, weekends, call, floating, patient load, patient mix and acuity, breaks, management style. Many details will have to wait for the interview, or even after actually taking the assignment. But they are good to keep in mind when you are looking at particular assignments, especially the "deal breakers" that can help you quickly to rule out unsuitable assignments.


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