This interview should be a delightful surprise because in most cases as the manager has no intention of grilling you. There might be a couple of questions at most about a particular clinical skill or your proficiency with certain equipment or computer programs that wasn’t well defined in your profile, but that is usually it!

The manager has already determined from your agency submitted profile that you meet the qualifications. For a short term assignment, for the most part, managers are not as concerned as they might be interviewing a permanent staff candidate. They may be interested in how quickly you can orient to a new unit – that useful traveler skill of hitting the ground running. This is especially true of hospitals that use a lot of travelers. Managers who do not use as many travelers or who are more protective of their unit may show more interest in asking clinical or functional type of questions.

Generally, the interview is more of a chance for the manager to sell you on coming to their facility and giving you a chance to ask questions about working conditions and environment. 

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