The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers, herein referred to as the Association, welcomes you. As a member supported organization, the Association needs to restrict and manage access to our site and services. By registering, you agree to follow Association rules to not to give or distribute your password to non-members, nor to copy content or allow others to use or receive benefits from our services except as allowed by our fair use policy below. 

The Association copyrights all content. Our fair use policy allows extensive quoting of content by members on public forums and private emails for non-commercial use. You must cite the source of the quote along with the quote, preferably with the original website address. You may copy or print entire articles for private use, but may not distribute entire articles. Skills checklists are exempt, and may be distributed freely.

The Association does encourage article submission by members and others. Those articles become the property and copyright of the Association and are subject to fact finding and editing. 

While the Association attempts to make our knowledge base as accurate as possible, recognize that you are responsible for verifying all content before use. Verifying information, particularly as they relate to personal circumstances, is of special importance when it comes to supplied tax and legal information. Please assist the Association with feedback should you discover any errors.

The Association provides legal benefits as a service to our members. The Association is not liable for advice offered by other members or by our contracted legal staff. Second opinions are recommended before any actions. Certain legal services are not available to new members for thirty days.

The Association may provide referrals for members to other services and discounted benefits and products. The Association holds no liability for those services, benefits, and products. Those providers and manufacturers hold liability. Please assist the Association by reporting satisfaction levels with these services, benefits, and products.

The continued viability of the Association depends on our members following these terms of service. Violations may result in cancellation of member privileges without refund and the possibility of legal action.

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Privacy Policy 

Data collected on members including email addresses and demographic information will not be shared outside the Association. Period! Personal information that will be kept confidential includes your email, home address, and any Traveler's Calculator notes. Emails will be sent out occasionally from the Association updating members on Association news. There is no opt out on these emails as they also serve the function of validating registered email addresses. Members who voluntarily relinquish their membership may opt out of receiving emails.

Our forum is open to the public and requires a separate registration. We cannot protect your privacy there and highly recommend that you post with a screen name. You may send other registered forum members private emails, however doing so will reveal your own registered email address. We encourage you as part of safe Internet practice to use a secondary email address on the forum, perhaps one you use only for commercial transactions. User information may be changed at any time in My Controls when logged into the forum.

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Please note that the Association must reserve the right to change our policies from time to time. Those changes will be noted where the policies appear.