Ten Years Afternurses02

 It was never certain how successful an association of travelers would be when, in 2005, preliminary discussions began among a small group of travelers. A month after we opened officially on May 1, 2007, we had only about 25 members. Now, 10 years later, we have over 12,000 members! And we are growing rapidly. Representing the interests of so many travelers, we are able to influence industry practices and improve conditions for travelers.

PanTravelers is the only non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to healthcare travelers' interests. Before PanTravelers was founded, travelers didn't have an advocate to represent their interests, nor a unified voice within the industry. PanTravelers was founded to fill that void. There was and is still an immense amount of myth and misinformation circulating among both travelers and agencies. We recognized a need for an authoritative source of accurate information available to all travelers with a goal of helping travelers avoid the common pitfalls that can adversely affect their careers. As we launch this updated website, please be forgiving while we work out the glitches.

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