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This calculator is provided as a service of the Association to help travelers understand and compare agency offers. To fully harness the power of this tool when negotiating with your agency and to maximize your income, you can read the Quick Guide and the more comprehensive Calculator Manual.

Association Contract Calculator

Step 1: Define Your Assignment
Step 2: Enter your pay package amounts
Hourly pay
Per diem (if applicable)
Completion bonus
Housing stipend
Health Insurance
Travel pay
All other payments
Tax free
All other deductions
Tax free
Gross pay
Taxes (est.)
Per Hour
Net pay
Per Year
You can save this page for review at any later time. Then you can compare it to other agency offers and more effectively negotiate your compensation package. Please save this information only when you are reasonably certain that this agency has provided you with complete and accurate numbers. Accurate numbers allow members the ability to compare their offers to average offers in the same location. To save this page, click “Next.”