Agencies and blacklists update!

Association negotiations have been successful. The consortium of travel companies who organized a collections scheme have agreed to dismantle their effort. This means no new blacklist of travelers.

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  • The thought of someone who most likely doesn't even have clinical experience holding a nurse back from taking care of people is so absurd to me. Leaving the comfort of family and friends while traveling to a new state is not only a huge sacrifice, it's is aslo a huge life endeavor. Blacklisting nurses is playing with their livlihood and should be labeled as a criminal activity. Thank you for this great post and for fighting to eliminate such lists.

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  • Thanks for the comment, Eddie. As you may have noticed, we just migrated to this new platform. We've wanted to enable comments from members for years, and this new platform allows for this feature. And guess what? YOU are the first member to notice and use this new feature! And a nice first comment it is. Much appreciated.

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